Paid Complyrs accounts will be available starting 2/01/2019.

Number of FacilitiesFreeBasicPremium
1 Basic for 1 Facility $9/monthPremium for 1 facility: $18/month
5- Basic for up to 5 facilities: $41/month Premium for up to 5 facilities: $81/month
10- Basic for up to 10 facilities: $72/month Premium for up to 10 facilities: $144/month
25- Basic for up to 25 facilities: $158/month Premium for up to 25 facilities: $315/month
Over 25-Call us at: (877) 480-3887Call us at: (877) 480-3887
Environmental Programs
California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)YesYesYes
Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act (APSA)YesYesYes
Underground Storage Tanks (UST)YesYesYes
Hazardous MaterialsYesYesYes
Hazardous/Universal/Medical WasteYesYesYes
Stationary Emergency Diesel EnginesYesYesYes
Gasoline Vapor RecoveryYesYesYes
Enhanced Features
Automatic reminder reports sent via emailYesYesYes
Email tasks to non-usersNoYesYes
Easy Program ReportsNoYesYes

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