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Complyrs makes California emergency diesel

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Complyrs is the easy-to-use California environmental software. Complyrs has a complete task management system for California emergency diesel generators. tasks have tracking, reporting and communication functions to keep your generators ready for inspection. Complyrpedia, provides step-by-step instructions on each task.

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Stationary diesel-powered emergency generators over 50 hp located in California are regulated by the California Air Resources Board and your local air district. The main pollutant of concern, as with all with diesel driven devices, is ultra fine diesel particulate matter.

Regulatory Agencies

Program Inclusion Conditions

Operation of a diesel-powered emergency engine with >50 bhp in California. Non-emergency engines are also regulated. However, the requirements are different and are not supported by Complyrs.

Required Tasks


What to Expect During an Inspection

Stationary emergency diesel engines are regulated and inspected by  the local air district. Air district  inspectors typically conduct inspections unannounced which usually involve the following:

  • Check that the permit is current.
  • Verify hour meter matches most recent log entry.
  • Review of operation since last agency inspection.
  • Verify testing and maintenance operation does not exceed allotment according to state regulations or permit conditions.
  • Verify annual maintenance has been conducted.
  • Verify use of ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel.
  • Verify that operations and maintenance manual FOR THE ENGINE is available.

Learn more about California Emergency Diesel Generator Compliance on Complyrpedia

Learn more about California emergency diesel generators on Complyrpedia

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